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  • How can I quit smoking?

    I have a habit of smoking and am well aware of the hazards its poses to health. I want to quit this practice. Any help?

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    It is great that you want to quit your smoking habit.

    You can choose to use a routine involving nicotine gum to help you quit. However, there’s no fixed formula for quitting and it’s more of a mental barrier that you have to overcome rather than only following a strict medical advice.

    Here’s a good article on some tips that may help:

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    Read this and i am sure you will be convinced to quit or at least you will think before smoking next time; :scream::scream::scream:
    10 Shocking Facts that will make you STOP smoking

    Read these 7 ways to quit smoking. I am sure they will help! A good strategy to quit smoking is to replace smoking with a positive habit (could be anything like chewing gum, drinking tea, etc).

    Stay consistent and positive!
    Best of luck!